How to identify the phone screen protective film

When we get a new phone, some of us like buying a screen protector, it must efficiently protect the screen from crack and scratch despite it would make a adverse effects on the sharpness of the screened and a budget. There are now a wide variety of screen protector, which are high-definition phone protector, matte phone protective film, glass screen phone protective film, mirror phone screen protector, diamond phone screen protective film, Blu-ray protective phone screen protector, etc., the price rang a few dollars to tens of dollars. Entering mobile phone film on Ebay and Amazon, they are tons of the top-ranking glass screen protective film, among which how to identify the tempered glass screen protector is the key we will discuss,take the Samsung galaxy for example.
With respect to the ordinary Samsung galaxy screen PET protective film,Samsung galaxy tempered glass screen protector is better and harder, it can considerably share a part of force hitting the Samsung galaxy when you accidentally fall the cell phone to the ground. But what downside it also has is: the Samsung galaxy tempered glass screen protector is much thicker than the the Samsung galaxy screen PET protective film, even more thin film of 0.2mm is absolutely within the visible range.
how to use tempered glass screen protector
Samsung galaxy tempered glass screen protector can be divided into the ordinary explosion-proof Samsung galaxy glass screen protector and anti-blue Samsung galaxy screen protector according to the role it plays. Ordinary Samsung galaxy tempered glass screen protector with high permeability and anti-scratch is more usual, majority of which are cheap and can well protect the screen.
The mobile phone, tablet, PC and TV we use has LED blue light emitted, prolonged exposure to blue light damage to our retinal, may cause severe eye macular lesions. In daily life, we look at mobile phones more and more time, buy an anti-ray screen protector is still very necessary.
The thickness of the tempered glass is mainly concentrated in the 0.1mm to 0.3mm, the thinner, the better. Each thickness is divided into arc edge and straight edge, arc edge is as mellow as the 2.5D glass.
There are kinds of ordinary Samsung galaxy PET screen protective film, which are mainly high-definition screen film, matte screen film, mirror screen protective film, diamond screen protective film, diamond screen protective film can be divided into a gold diamond protective film, a silver diamond protective  film according to different embedded sequins.
HD Samsung galaxy protective films with high contrast light transmittance and scratch resistant are those most used.
Matte Samsung galaxy protective film is superb, but the screen resolution is unsatisfactory.
As the name suggests, mirror Samsung galaxy screen protector can be used as a mirror, which are some of the girl’s favorite, but the disadvantage is effectively reducing the viewing angle of the screen, if you often share screen content with friends, the mirror screen protector certainly is not for you.
Samsung-mirror-tempered-glass-screen-protector  mirror-tempered-glass-screen-protector
Diamond film’s biggest feature is embedded sequins, sparkling and lovable, but will seriously affect the screen sharpness, I personally do not recommend this screen protector.
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How to choose a cell phone tempered glass screen protector

The cell phone tempered glass screen protector with arc edge is much harder and better than PET film with straight edge. Generally speaking, the thinner, the better,0.1mm arc edge is the best. If you use a cell phone for long time, the proposed purchase of a cell phone anti-blue  tempered glass screen protector.Take the iPhone for example,what are the characteristics of a pretty good iPhone screen protective screen film in the end, consider the following description.
iphone Tempered Glass Screen Protector
1, anti-scratch strength: a good iPhone glass tempered glass protector can withstand the scrape by blades, scissors, keys and other hard, sharp objects. It is difficult to leave the obvious scratches on quality tempered glass screen protector.
iphone 6 Tempered Glass Screen Protector
2, smooth: touch the iPhone tempered glass screen protector with your fingers, if it is a good tempered glass protective film, there would be more delicate, smoother than the original iPhone touch screen (bare screen).
iphone6 Screen Protector
3, the size of the fit: you just take the film posted on the iPhone, if the size is perfect covered, particularly for some of the holes (photosensitive hole),there is no bubble between the screen and screen protector posted,it must be a quality screen protector.
4, anti-fingerprint, anti-oil: the better approach is: dripping water and oil to write on the screen protector, a good iPhone glass membrane is able to condense water, the dripping water does not spread up; it is very difficult to write something with a oil pen on the surface of a iPhone tempered glass protector, and it is easy to erase the ink left!
5, explosion-proof performance: it is not only a crucial an indicator evaluating the quality of the film, but a performance consumers are most concerned! A good iPhone tempered glass protective film is known as praised toughness, density, strength, which means that the glass fragmentation holds a whole mesh lines.
6, light transmission performance: the light transmittance is the easiest and most direct way! A good iPhone tempered glass screen protector with the large density, high light transmittance contribute to clear picture quality.
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