How to diy a personalized iPhone graffiti case

Here we go to learn about how to make a simple but beautiful colored iPhone graffiti case
Tools specifically for the hand colored iPhone case: a transparent iPhone case, colorful acrylic paints, oil paints and palette.
a transparent iPhone case, colorful acrylic paints, oil paints and palette a transparent iPhone case and colorful acrylic paints and oil paints and palette
1, make sure what customizable color you are interested in,take the gradient color for example, call up the lightest color in the palette, paint with a brush on a clean iPhone case (note to stroke broad and powerful making a painterly feel).
How to diy a personalized iPhone case.1
2, mix in your second color by blending your first and second colors together before applying to the case,
How to diy a personalized iPhone case.2
3,finishing by blending in your third and final color, if you want your colors to be less transparent, let paint dry in between layers before adding a second coat.
How to diy a personalized iPhone case.3
4, the color around the edges of the painting should be carefully modified to make it tidy.
How to diy a personalized iPhone case.4
Just need ten minutes, the original phone case would change into those with a sense of artistic graffiti.
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How to diy a leather iPhone 4 case

In this tutorial, Onu-mall will show you how to use a junk bag to make a leather iPhone 4 case. Here we go.
The tools and materials need to be prepared for the old leather making iPhone 4 leather case:
Precision chisel, hand stitches, cone, rulers, scissors, thread of wax, sheep skin.
old leather garments to diy iPhone leather case
1.Find an old bag not used, or old leather garments no longer wore .
Cut sutures along the seams to diy iPhone leather case
2.Cut sutures along the seams
cut liner down to diy iPhone leather case
3.If there is liner, cut it down.
Glue together the back of the leather and liner to diy iPhone case
4.Glue together the back of the leather (flesh side of layer) and liner
rule the size to diy iPhone leather case
5. do not cut unless make sure the size: 14.4cm × 13.2cm(the size of iPhone 4)after the glue dry.
one end folded radiused to diy iPhone leather case
6.Make sure that one end folded is radiused.
Glue inside edges together to diy iPhone leather case
7.Glue inside edges together to make sewing easier and keep the alignment of the leather.
Use a pencil mark where required stitches to diy iPhone leather case
8.Use a pencil mark where required stitches, try to maintain a consistent distance between the pinhole.
Perforate with an awl on the marked sign to diy iPhone leather case
9. Perforate with an awl on the marked sign. ( use the pitch wheel will improve efficiency.).
Start sewing at the openings to diy iPhone leather case
10. Start sewing at the openings, you can multi-line to ensure a secure perimeter of the opening.
sew at the openings to diy iPhone leather case
11. Sew openings to prevent open.
seam down along the edge to diy iPhone leather case
12.Seam down along the edge once finishing sewing the opening 13.
13. Finally, reverse a few stitches.
Burned the thread cut with a lighter to diy iPhone leather case
14. Burned the thread cut with a lighter (If it is to use glue cotton line)
Stain the edge to diy iPhone leather case
15. Stain the edge (tangent plane). If there is nothing dyed tool around you , switch to markers to paint it black.
A iPhone 4 leather case is done. Is not it simple?
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What is PC hard case

PC: Polycarbonate, it is a colorless and transparent amorphous thermoplastic material. Unlike silicone protective case and TPU protective, PC case is hard, PC plastic toughness is pretty good, light transmission is pretty impressed,take the iPhone 6 for example, there are PC pure transparent PC iPhone 6 hard case, transparent black PC iPhone 6 hard case and transparent blue PC iPhone 6 hard case and others available.
Pros: good transmittance, hardness, resistance to fall, light
Disadvantages:dissatisfied scratch resistance
PC iPhone 6 hard case has three processes
1.vacuum plating process: electroplate, then carve some of the patterns on the PC housing, UV varnish.
2.PC spraying: spray rubber oil, or the transparent red, transparent blue, transparent yellow, etc.Those spraying a layer of primer on the transparent PC case and laser engraving pattern and spraying a rubber paint are slightly better.
PC thermal transfer process: transfer patterns on the PC housing , and then spray UV varnish or soft touch rubber oil.Those spraying rubber oil are better. The disadvantage is that the surface does not resistant scratch.
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What are the unique iPhone 4s cases

Follow onu-mall take a look at the unique iPhone case
NO.1 Actual labyrinth iPhone 4s case
Actual labyrinth iPhone case
Actual labyrinth is a simple and fun maze game popular over those born in 1980s or even 1990s , which brought back many memories.
NO.2 Pink Drink iPhone 4s case
Pink Drink iPhone case
Pink drinks very cute temporary microcosm during 1980s, although it is still considered the color of little girls, but it enjoys a great popularity all over the world. Matching the black and white, pink iPhone case may make you become the most dazzling scenery in summer.
NO.3 Boombox  iPhone 4s cases
Boombox  iPhone cases
Many belong to the memory of the 1980s, including the old-fashioned radio, like music recorded in magnetic tape, which are valuable but have lost. Luckily, the Boombox iPhone case entirely engraved from memories bring years of youth time.
NO.4 Denture  iPhone 4s cover
Denture  iPhone case
If you are not a dentist, then you would not prefer to denture, right? But have to admit, this metamorphosis profiled and strange phone case really amazing.
NO.5 Eyebrush and make-up kit  iPhone 4s case
Eyebrush and make-up kit  iPhone case
Chanel perfume bottle iPhone case is very elegant, which can meet Ms. Amy little personality.
NO.6 Legit  iPhone 4s cases
Legit  iPhone cases
The conquest of the Wild West with your iPhone case to meet childhood desire.
NO.7 Lab.C Cable  iPhone 4s cases
Lab.C Cable  iPhone cases
Like the wireless mouse named Nano with a receiver inside, the iPhone case is also a good derivative application: the charging cable is placed in the phone case so that you would never forget taking USB cable any more.
NO.8 Hana  iPhone 4s cases
Hana  iPhone cases
Just for fun!
NO.9 Opena iPhone 4s cover
Opena iPhone case
Maybe not so tough as saber possessed, but Opena bottle opener iPhone case design is very clever and practical. Do not worry iPhone or housing will be damaged, push-opener portion is actually very strong.
NO.10 Get Well Kit Digital Pill Box  iPhone cover
Get Well Kit Digital Pill Box  iPhone case
Simple lattice design may be common, but those can be stored pills are very special. The cell phone case designed with a kit on the back is a supporting healthy APP, Reminder Notes users when medication.
NO.11 Icephone  iPhone 4s cases
Icephone  iPhone cases
It must be so popular in summer!
NO.12 –Trip do Brasil Brazil trip phone 4s cover
Trip do Brasil Brazil trip phone case
World Cup iPhone case do not only match with football and players, but with green football field.
NO.13 Sweater hoodie  iPhone 4s case
Sweater hoodie  iPhone case
iPhone case is figuratively a dress, Sweater hoodie is a more realistic way to describe the dress,which is a sleeveless sweater with a zipper with hat, perhaps for the cold-blooded iPhone.
NO.14 TV dinner  iPhone 4s cases
TV dinner  iPhone cases
Designer prepare a complete protective cover for iPhone, but this guy is pretty similar to fast-food , you would be help putting into a microwave oven.
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What are the ten Japanese food iPhone case

Today, what will be introduced by onu-mall is some iPhone case with mouth-watering food theme. Whether grilled eel or delicious fried noodles, you will not help drooling.
sausage iPhone case
1, Japanese Takosen
Japanese Takosen iPhone case
Takosen is a traditional Japanese snack, using two slices of pancakes to sandwich the chapter and other fish, eggs and vegetable ingredients. The phone holder is specially launched by a company specializing in Takosen, the simulated omelette, mayonnaise, salad dressing and bonito fish are so vivid that you would help swallowing the iPhone case.
2 fresh green onions
onions iPhone case
An onion is a food and condiments with strong pungent odor, it is also a very traditional cooking ingredients in Japan. This iPhone case is not only pretty realistic, but even emit onion smell. So taking with the iPhone case outside,you’d better keep away from those disgusted with onion.
3, eel rice
eel rice iPhone case
Freshwater eels is Japan’s most common cooking ingredients, but this iPhone case not only lifelike eel, but is also accompanied by the following refined white rice, all the details and textures are restored, taking with the phone case, you would not be afraid of hungry any more.
4, Nikujaga
Nikujaga iPhone case
Nikujaga is also a very traditional Japanese food, although it is not as famous as sushi, but a jug of wine and a Nikujaga are essential and prioritized for almost all of the Japanese to the tavern. Nikujaga is stewed together with beef, potatoes, onions and sweet soy sauce. Besides beef, ground beef and pork are also very popular. Don’t you refuse tasting the cellular case?
5, omelettes and bacon
omelettes and bacon iPhone case
No one would prefer to omelette over the Japanese, as we all know, if accompanied by a few slices of bacon bellow the omelette, it is more perfect, while matching with bacon, can provide a wealth for our protein. If you are a vegetarian, do not worry. In addition omelette with bacon, manufacturers also offer Turkish dishes, noodles and other options.
6, saury
saury iPhone case
This saury style is my favorite, not only well-made realistic, be careful not to provoke the wild cat, they would snatch your iPhone case.
7, yakisoba
yakisoba iPhone case
Yakisoba usually use small pieces of fried pork, noodles, cabbage, onions, carrots and permitted sauce, salt and pepper frying, and also many decorative embellishment ingredients, such as seaweed powder, ginger, sashimi or mayonnaise. And this seems to be very suitable for the production of the iPhone case.
8, sausage
sausage iPhone case
A big sausage, painted with ketchup and mustard sauce, not just in Japan, which are very popular all over the world. And this sausage iphone case is made of 100% environmentally friendly inorganic plastic.
9, carrot
carrot iPhone case
Relative to us, it is more suitable for rabbits,so if you domesticate the bunnies, keep the iPhone case phone away from it.
10, king crab
king crab iPhone case
Just like a cell phone holder, it has now transformed into a king crab pliers. The oversized king crab claw child can be directly adsorbed on the back of the phone to play a supporting role. But there is not thin and tender crab meat in it.
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How to pick up a right iPhone 5 case

We are always inevitably dropping off our iPhones onto the ground, the phone would be easily scratched, so it is the time to pick up a cell phone case to protect your cell phone, definitely,there are some practical skills for how to pick up a right  iPhone case, take the iPhone 5 case for example,Onu Mall involved in wholesaling cell Phone case for almost 5 years would like to share some tips.
1.Cooling performance
silicon cell phone case
For the silicon iPhone 5 case, make sure that there are vents around the silicon case because it is not pretty timely to dissipate heat for silicone case in case of the the phone’s internal parts is burned.
2.Wavy edge
phone case with Wavy edge
You can hold more tightly when there is sweat or water on your hand especially in summer ,that’s why you’d better choose a with wavy edge
3 Flexible button hole
cell phone case with holes paring the cell phone
There are not obvious buttons button holes for piles of cell phone cases pairing the phone,so it is not convenient to use such phone cases, so be sure to the camera hole and volume keys hole and keyboard hole and mobile phone charging jack on the iPhone 5 case is fully consistent with your cell phone before buying.
4.Away from TPU iPhone 5
TPU cell phone case
Given the TPU case, it is easy to dirty and hard to clean despite it feels good. Personally,it is not a good choice.
5.Leather iPhone 5 cover is favorable
leather mobile phone case
For those afraid of making your mobile phone dirty,we highly recommend choosing the leather cover. The leather case does not only protect your phone from oil stains and dust, but it plays a significant role in effective protection of the entire mobile phone as well as it is convenient to answer the phone.
6.DIY Diamond iPhone 5 case
It is too expensive to buy a really pretty dazzling diamond iPhone 5 case, actually many online stores are selling suite of tools for how to diy diamond iPhone 5 case, you can DIY can saving a lot of expenses.
7.Choose projecting protective iPhone 5 case
phone case at a few millimeters higher than the phone screen
Your iPhone 5 with case would be easily broken if the screen fall to the ground, so make sure that the phone case is a few millimeters higher than the phone screen.
8.the iPhone 5 case is consistent with mobile phone
phone case paring the phone
No matter what cell phone case you pick, be sure that the iPhone 5 case is not too tight nor too loose when being putting on the phone case.
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How to DIY embossed iPhone 5 case

embossing iPhone case
Do not put the dry petals on the iPhone 5 case unless the stacking height of these petals is not more than 1.5 mm,make sure the dried petals are suppressed very flatly.
Main material:
iPhone 5 case a (white) a bottle of AB epoxy glue a box of colored sequins several dried
Tools required:
DIY for how to DIY embossing iPhone case
A transparent plastic cup a ice cream stick a Marking pen Marker a timer a bottle of glue a ruler a bottle of nail polish remover 2 pieces of swab
Production steps:
Step 1:buy resin glue in the hardware store
Step 2:
samples of embossing iPhone case
Clean iPhone 5 case, make sure nothing left on the back of iPhone 5s case. Above are some of the samples.
Step 3:
stick the petals on the back of Phone case
Take out of dried petals, put the petals on the iPhone 5 case.
Step 4:
place the petals on the back of iPhone case stick the petals on the back of iPhone case
Follow the trick on how to place the petals, those with light color on the top, dark below.
Larger petals coated with a little glue stick to the iPhone case.
Step 5:
Put a ruler into a plastic cup and mark height
Put the ruler into a plastic cup, mark 3/8 inch (about 9.5mm) and 3/4 inch (about 19mm).
Step 6:
Pour resin into the plastic cup stir resin with a ice cream stick
Pour resin into the first plastic cup to 3/8 inch, waiting for 2 minutes set by the timer, stir with the ice cream stick.
Step 7:
Pour hardener into a plastic cup  stir resin with a ice cream stick
Pour hardener into the plastic cup to 3/4, wait for 1 minute, stir with the ice cream stick. Add color sequined armor according to your need. Still for 5 minutes.
Step 8:
Poured the resin onto the iPhone case
Poured the resin onto the iPhone 5 case from the middle to around.
Step 9:
Smooth resin with the ice cream stick on the back of iPhone case
Smooth resin with the ice cream stick,make sure there is none of air bubbles between the resin and flower.
Step 10:
clean the resin overflowed on the edge of the iPhone case
After standing for 1-2 hours, use a cotton swab dipped in nail polish remover to clean the resin overflowed on the edge of the iPhone 5s case.
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Take a look at the high-priced marvel iPhone 5C cases

Most popular Apple iPhone launched a wide variety of high-priced mobile phone cases, how marvel!  onu-mall will share you the unique iPhone 5c case.
1. Swarovski crystal case
crystal iPhone case
Price: about 1500 yuan
This iPhone 5c cases covered with Swarovski crystal is exclusively for female.
2. You & I cartoon case
cartoon iPhone case
Price: about 1500 yuan
An iPhone 5c case features custom wallpaper, the price is not cheap, you can send your own photos to the vendor .
3. Zoe iPony crystal case
crystal diamond iPhone case
Price: about 1600 yuan
This lovely crystal unicorn case is also very shiny, but it seems slightly kitsch.
4. Wheylan leather holster
leather iPhone case
Price: about 1700 yuan
iPhone 5c cover looks like a holster is made from all-leather handmade.
5. Dolce & Gabbana phone cover
Dolce&Gabbana iPhone case
Price: about 3600 yuan
Italy Sicily Dolce & Gabbana is a world-class luxury brand, by which iPhone 5c cover designed is certainly delicate and expensive.
6. The most expensive plastic iPhone 5c case
plastic iPhone case
Price: about 6300 yuan
“The case alone cost me just under $1000″is printed on the back of the phone case,that’s why the case entirely made of plastic is so expensive.
7. Crystal Flower Phone Case
crystal flower iPhone case
Price: about 9149 yuan
To be honest, the plastic phone 5c case designed as the inspiration for the “Paris in the spring” is bullshit, the price is enough to buy a round-trip of Paris.
8. Miansai gold Phone Case
gold iPhone case
Price: about 62,000 yuan
The iPhone 5c case is entirely made up of 14 carat 24K pure gold and the need to book two weeks in advance.
9. Anita Mai “dragon and spider” Phone 5  Case
the most expensive iPhone case
Price: about 5.38 million yuan
Thee iPhone 5c case integrates 18K white gold and 2200 colored diamonds named “the dragon and
Spider” which is a symbol of life and creativity, priced up to $ 880,000 (about 5.38 million
yuan), iPhone, which is definitely one of the most expensive case.
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How many kinds of iPhone 6 covers available on the market

There are tons of mobile phone cases including iphone 6 case flooding on the market,Onu-mall online store specially collate several common  mobile phone case available for your reference and choice.

Metal mobile phone cases including iPhone 6 case

mental iPhone 6 case

We inevitably accidentally drop the phone, resulting in varying degrees of injuries, the mobile phone protective shell with metal frame is very strong. You would not cause damage to the cell phone any more, even more the metal frame would be cracked if your cell phone accidentally fell to the ground.

Clamshell leather iPhone 6 case and other mobile phone cases


Phone protective flip cover looks ordinary, but comprehensively protect the phone, your cell phone all around is wrapped by the iPhone 6 cases and other mobile phone case, you no longer have to worry about the mobile phones wrestled, scratched.

Plastic hard mobile phone case


Colorful stitching mobile phone case particularly iPhone 6 case looks fashionable, it should be the style the young like, but the strength of the plastic material is not strong enough to protect the cell phone.

Crystal TPU mobile phone covers


Girls usually like this shiny diamond TPU mobile phone cover, it is very luxurious. But buying such a mobile phone cover, be sure to look carefully diamond quality and workmanship, it is very easy to drill off for the protective cover attached cheap diamond.

Cartoon silicone cell phone cover


Cartoon iPhone 6 case and cell phone case feels comfortable, which is adorable, you don’t worry about the protection function if your cell phone fall to the ground. But the capacity of heat dissipation is poor.

Embossed TPU cell phone protective cover


Embossed cell phone protective cover is exquisite and unique, there are a considerable cell phone protective covers and iPhone cases customizable for the pattern.

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How to choose iphone case

There are tons of cell phone case particularly iPhone 6S case flooding on the market, many of friends do not know how to choose, ONU-MALL online store specializing in wholesaling cell phone case for nearly 5 years will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone case for your recommendation.
iphone 6 covers                            iphone case iphone_6_flag_cover                              iPhone-6S-case sport case for iphone                                    iphone 6 case
First of all,we shall make sure what are the cell phone case material classification
1.Now the cell phone case circulating on the market  is mainly divided into plastic case, silicone case, TPU case, steel case, material hybrid case.
2.Plastic case
Most of cell phone case including iPhone 6S case is plastic cases, as the name suggests,it is usually made of PC material, better adding the TPS and other raw materials, in general, quality toughness plastic case is very good, in Asia, Japan’s raw materials ranks first, followed by Taiwan and China mainland. The raw materials Some brand company use to produce the case is generally imported and through strict quality control process, so those are expensive.
Plastic  iPhone 6S case and other cell phone case in the process is divided into two types of polished shells and frosted shell, the former generally made into ultra-thin three-dimensional matte shell, because the polished shell go through the paint process, it is generally thicker than the matte shell.
Case iphone6
The following are the advantages and disadvantages of two shells:
Pros: Slim, light, easy to take hold.
Disadvantages: is not good at resistance to dropping, easy to dirty, not easy to clean, and easy to wear.
iPhone 6 accessories
Advantages: anti-fall, not easy to dirty, easy to clean, looks good.
Drawback:easy to scratch, not easy to take hold.
3.Silicone case
iphone silicone case
The distinction between silicone shell material is vastly clear, because good silicone is several times more expensive than poor one, the silicone case are usually exported abroad, the raw materials made into silicone are required to be environmentally friendly and biodegradable in Japan and other countries. The silicone case without pungent smell tend to be not bad.
Pros: anti-fall, feel good, easy to take hold, not easy to wear.
Cons: a little thick, it is recommended not to use the summer, easy to James Gray.
Added: generally clean silicone with alcohol.
4.TPU case
Those softened or changed repeatedly under certain heat are soft plastics. Because this material is inexpensive, so there are many manufacturers use the raw materials to produce cell phone case including iPhone 6S case.
Pros: anti-fall, feel good, easy to take hold, not easy to wear.
Cons: a little thick, personality patterns can not be made, so the color is monotone with solid color.
The hulled case talked here is a kind of general statement, which usually are made of stainless steel, aluminum, iron and other major production materials.
Advantages: it is textured in appearance, personality, and is specializes in resistance to fall, it is difficult to wear and dirty.
Disadvantages: easy to scratch iphone, heavy, it is too hard to disassembly
6.Materials hybrid case
Such iphone 6S case and other cell phone cases are generally made of plastic and silicone, or metal and silicone, silicone is generally used as lining. The original iphone 6 casing is plastic and silicone products.
Pros: good protection, can be made very personal protective shell, easy to assemble, easy to clean
Above all
Cell phone is an integral part of everyday life, buying a nice, practical cell phone case dose not only reveals a person’s taste, but closely related to our health, it’s got to be cautious when choosing, you can choose the most suitable iphone 6 case as long as according to your needs, combining the characteristics of the above analysis of all kinds of iPhone 6S case and other mobile phone cases.
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