How to choose iphone case

There are tons of cell phone case particularly iPhone 6S case flooding on the market, many of friends do not know how to choose, ONU-MALL online store specializing in wholesaling cell phone case for nearly 5 years will tell you about the advantages and disadvantages of mobile phone case for your recommendation.
iphone 6 covers                            iphone case iphone_6_flag_cover                              iPhone-6S-case sport case for iphone                                    iphone 6 case
First of all,we shall make sure what are the cell phone case material classification
1.Now the cell phone case circulating on the market  is mainly divided into plastic case, silicone case, TPU case, steel case, material hybrid case.
2.Plastic case
Most of cell phone case including iPhone 6S case is plastic cases, as the name suggests,it is usually made of PC material, better adding the TPS and other raw materials, in general, quality toughness plastic case is very good, in Asia, Japan’s raw materials ranks first, followed by Taiwan and China mainland. The raw materials Some brand company use to produce the case is generally imported and through strict quality control process, so those are expensive.
Plastic  iPhone 6S case and other cell phone case in the process is divided into two types of polished shells and frosted shell, the former generally made into ultra-thin three-dimensional matte shell, because the polished shell go through the paint process, it is generally thicker than the matte shell.
Case iphone6
The following are the advantages and disadvantages of two shells:
Pros: Slim, light, easy to take hold.
Disadvantages: is not good at resistance to dropping, easy to dirty, not easy to clean, and easy to wear.
iPhone 6 accessories
Advantages: anti-fall, not easy to dirty, easy to clean, looks good.
Drawback:easy to scratch, not easy to take hold.
3.Silicone case
iphone silicone case
The distinction between silicone shell material is vastly clear, because good silicone is several times more expensive than poor one, the silicone case are usually exported abroad, the raw materials made into silicone are required to be environmentally friendly and biodegradable in Japan and other countries. The silicone case without pungent smell tend to be not bad.
Pros: anti-fall, feel good, easy to take hold, not easy to wear.
Cons: a little thick, it is recommended not to use the summer, easy to James Gray.
Added: generally clean silicone with alcohol.
4.TPU case
Those softened or changed repeatedly under certain heat are soft plastics. Because this material is inexpensive, so there are many manufacturers use the raw materials to produce cell phone case including iPhone 6S case.
Pros: anti-fall, feel good, easy to take hold, not easy to wear.
Cons: a little thick, personality patterns can not be made, so the color is monotone with solid color.
The hulled case talked here is a kind of general statement, which usually are made of stainless steel, aluminum, iron and other major production materials.
Advantages: it is textured in appearance, personality, and is specializes in resistance to fall, it is difficult to wear and dirty.
Disadvantages: easy to scratch iphone, heavy, it is too hard to disassembly
6.Materials hybrid case
Such iphone 6S case and other cell phone cases are generally made of plastic and silicone, or metal and silicone, silicone is generally used as lining. The original iphone 6 casing is plastic and silicone products.
Pros: good protection, can be made very personal protective shell, easy to assemble, easy to clean
Above all
Cell phone is an integral part of everyday life, buying a nice, practical cell phone case dose not only reveals a person’s taste, but closely related to our health, it’s got to be cautious when choosing, you can choose the most suitable iphone 6 case as long as according to your needs, combining the characteristics of the above analysis of all kinds of iPhone 6S case and other mobile phone cases.
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